2020 – Time to make a difference

January 2, 2020

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2020 – Time to make a difference

The holidays are now complete and we are back to the start of a new and fresh calendar year.  The progress made in 2019 was just the foundation to better things to come in 2020. So what might some of those better things for 2020 be? If you have not already done so in preparation for the new year, it is now time to get real serious about what you intend to focus on for the next 12 months.

As you consider where you will invest your time and energy, give some consideration to looking at your complete self and business. Here is a little walk through to get your mind thinking.

For yourself –

  • Your physical being – your weight, the food you consume, your exercise routine, your annual checkup?
  • Your social being – what will you do to interact with others, your community, your friends?
  • Your finances – what level of resources will you garner, how will you reduce personal debt?
  •  Your emotional being – what will you do to bring peace and reduce stress, allowing yourself time for enjoyment and fun?
  •  Your spiritual being – will you invite time into your world for the bigger surroundings and knowing your purpose for being?
  • Your relationships – how will you embrace the relationships you have and build new ones?

For your business –

  • Your business culture – what about the business culture needs updating, improvement?
  • Your business finances – what targets have your set for building and growing your organization?
  • Your business technology – what investments need to be made to keep your organization up to date with technology to support your customers’ demands?
  • Your business community – what will your business do to support the larger civic demands on being a good corporate citizen?
  • Your business talent – what resources need investing into or mentoring so they can become better and greater contributors not only to the business but themselves as well?
  • Your leadership – what will you do to be an accountable leader, showing and doing vs. telling and demanding?

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