The reality is – it is not about us. It is completely about you!

Want to be the business owner you set out to be rather than the owner of the job to keep the hamster wheel turning?  Want your business to work for you rather than working for your business? Want effective strategies to produce financial margins – greater profit for your investment?

Promise Guides navigate with you to a higher level. We are on the Journey with you.  Driven by Purpose, Energized by Passion, we Promise to be authentic in delivering strategic contributions.

Browse our website for more information about JKL Associates. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Promise Guide regarding how we deliver, please e-mail us at partners@jklassociates.com or call us at (MI) 313-527-7945 or (FL) 407-984-7246.



JKL Associates – We build Relationships rooted in “Purpose” so authentic contributions deliver “Promises.”

A culture where a “Promise” means something!



JKL Associates has been strategically building businesses for 30+ years. Growing them through a coaching style guidance approach improving culture, processes, and structures. Over the years and accelerated by technology innovation, the marketplace has lost sight of the critical core elements: Purpose, Culture and Relationships. We therefore commit to a “Promise Culture” framework, where people can unite and be empowered to achieve any results they pursue.   Our guides assist leaders with your culture, making it thrive, enabling authentic contribution which delivers promises. Since 1991, our guides have assisted many clients in achieving their dreams. These years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as being true “Partners” with our clients. Our core values, principles and philosophies that govern our work processes are Giving Respect (fairness in valuing all parties in all situations), Being Authentic (executing to a moral code of integrity, trust and honesty), Delivering Accountability (holding ourselves and our clients to the highest standards of delivering). These are fundamental to the “Promises” we make with our clients.

Vision – To be the very best relationship partner enabling positive productive outcomes – timelier and more bountiful than doing it without a guide – helping others be the very best they can be.