In a society where self and instant gratification are everywhere, it is a challenge for individuals to seek and find the place where personal accountability elevates itself to its proper place. It is also difficult to define the standard or norm by which accountability is valued. If truth and honesty are not part of the accountability standard, then being personally accountable might be misaligned.

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A long-time client and colleague of JKL Associates and I have an ongoing dialogue about the value of work any given activity or event has and how it is contributing to the good of the organization. Some of the things a leader gets involved with are very productive and highly contributing.  Others are not as critical for the leadership to be doing and should be delegated to other resources in the organization so the alignment of dollars invested are more appropriate to the return on those dollars.

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As we return to the daily grind of work, school or other distractions, may we not quickly forget what Memorial Day is all about. It is not just another day off work or out of school. It is a tribute to those men, women, children of all races and creeds which gave all so that our country have freedoms the majority of the rest of the world only dream about. May we never forget – may we always remember.

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Memorial Day 2023

This coming Monday is a national holiday when we pause and remember those who have gave all for the freedoms we enjoy and sometimes confuse. Memorial Day is a day of respecting the Men, Women and even Children who made significant sacrifices, so we have a free nation – Under God and Indivisible.

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There has been a tendency to want to re-write history to affect a new way of viewing the events of the past. We do need to make sure history reflects what actually took place, but we must guard against trying to dismiss memories simply because we wanted a different outcome. History is a most valuable teacher. Re-writing the story does not change the outcome, only blurs the view of it.

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Street Leadership

On a recent business trip while waiting at the gate for departure I was catching up on business emails and capturing notes from the day’s events when the large TV screen in the boarding area caught my attention. It showed groups of young individuals (teenagers) in a major US City doing violence and destruction of property. I could not hear the commentary …

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There must be something in the water?  In the recent few months, the environments at some businesses appear to have an increase in what most of the leadership refers to as “Drama.”  The little and sometime larger interactions between team members which are counter productive to the mission of the team and to some degree teeters on the edge of bullying or some form of undesirable interpersonal transactions. There is no way to …

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Much has been spoken about and written about IQ and EQ, but we cannot dismiss the importance of SQ. Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a spiritual person or not, our world is in deep need of placing Spiritual Intelligence back in the forefront of each decision we make. We may have great intellect and be aware of both our and others’ emotions but without spiritual guidance being the rudder to guide our life, we ultimately miss out on the profound beauty and peace of our world.

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