Your Promise Guide

About Your Promise Guide – Larry Klimek

Purpose drives vision which delivers results.  Ever since I was a young child, I have had an internal push to create, guide and build.  This purpose to provide tangible outcomes has taken me on a path through trade school and engineering to the high tech industry and project management. This journey included the building of companies from the ground up, acquiring other businesses to amass and align greater assets, transferring businesses into portfolio assets, and facilitating the moving of organizations from one owner to the next keeper of the business. These business lessons are part of the value my clients experience when engaging me as their Promise Guide.

Want to be the business owner you set out to be rather than the owner of the job to keep the hamster wheel turning?  Want your business to work for you rather than working for your business? Want effective strategies to produce financial margins – greater profit for your investment?

Promise Guides navigate with you to a higher level. We are on the Journey with you.  Driven by Purpose, Energized by Passion, we Promise to be authentic in delivering strategic contributions.

The reality is – it is not about us. It is completely about you!

Contact me today to see how we can help you, your company and your future.

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