For gaining wisdom and instruction; for understanding words of insight; for receiving instruction in prudent behavior, doing what is right and just and fair; for giving prudence to those who are simple, knowledge and discretion to the young, let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance (Proverbs 1:2-5)

Development is directly part of the actions necessary for contribution to an organization reaching its full potential.

In order for best outcomes to be realized, Leadership must own the responsibility to invest in the development of individuals core skills and strengths to enhance their opportunity to contribute.  By making this promise to develop, action then flows naturally from the individuals.

As part of the Promise Guide Compass, aspects of development such as self change and improvement are looked into to discover not just challenges but potential. Tying rewards and outcomes to specific expectations allow for leaders to lead, managers to manage and employees to contribute based on the priorities of the organization.

Development/Action is directionally “West” on the compass. The Development/Action system is the place to take what has been learned from your exploration and discovery and engage into building a better outcome. We all need to embrace the rewards, results, and deliverables of our efforts. If we cannot identify and cause an emotional attachment to the outcome, then we lose energy while moving toward the objectives at hand. Part of development and action is individual and collective growth. Experiencing self-change through self-improvement. We need to identify these aspects of the journey, dream, or idea so we can consciously take new routes to new achievement. By executing and taking tangible action on our development we can build new muscle in many areas by which we can then attain mastery of unique skills.

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