“Everyone to whom much is given, of him will much be required; and of him to whom men commit, much they will demand the more.” (Luke 12:48)

At the end of the day, after investing time, energy and additional resources into whatever was on the agenda for the day we must stop and evaluate the outcomes. 

Getting, giving and doing something with feedback is one of the critical parts of leaderships obligation to best outcomes. It is never enjoyable to provide corrective feedback to a fellow member of the team.  On the recipient side, not many people are geared around being excited about getting feedback when it is negative. On the other hand everyone likes giving positive feedback and getting it as well. Both corrective and rewarding feedback must be incorporated into the daily success of a business. Leadership must take the appropriate action to first collect, measure and understand what is going on in the organization.  They must then take constructive action to use that information for the betterment of the individual, team and unit as a whole. Sometimes it might mean a change in course or direction.  Other times it might be reassuring the team of a job well executed. Yet still in other cases there is much to be learned from both success and failures.

The Promise Guide Compass approach supports using the navigation feedback loop to enhance an individuals and business opportunity to contribute more completely.  Gaining not only business success but self gratification and pride of workmanship and ownership of their direct contribution.

Navigation is directionally “South” on the compass. The Navigations System is the continuous feedback loop on the compass as it spins right to left, top to bottom on the path to accomplishment. To achieve our best outcome, we need to take input and evaluate how this data is either helping or hindering the direction we are taking.  Learning from the feedback and making timely adjustments and upgrades to ourselves, our culture, our environment. Navigation is where the map from the present place to the future destination is followed. Progress is captured and evaluated. New choices are considered. Updated plans are enacted.