Promise Guides Compass

At JKL Associates we are practitioners of what we espouse with your clients.  As such we use a methodology to approach a more complete understanding of a situation, a goal, an idea or dream of our clients. By walking with our clients on the path with them and assisting them using a compass for best outcomes, the end result is more timely and of greater abundance than not having a guide along for the journey.

The Promise Guide Compass is made up of 4 Primary systems – Guidance, Exploration/Discovery, Development/Action and Navigation.

Each of the 4 Primary systems has 5 subsections to invoke a deeper review of the Journey, Dream, or Idea which are the basis of the strategic objectives, goals, initiatives that are being pursued.

Promise Guide Compass is a collective, dynamic moving energy process taking the present situations and improving upon them to realize a better new outcome.  As you stride along the path of success, you will regularly revisit the Guidance (North), Exploration/Discovery (East), Development/Action (West) and Navigation (South) systems.

Engage in the process by Defining the Journey, Dream, Idea, Goal, Initiative using the SMART Criterion. Proceed to using the 4 systems approach to capture thoughts, ideas, challenges, route markers etc.  As you capture your ideas, your mind will be making many thoughts, ideas, assumptions, and expectations. As critical as it is to focus on capturing all the various aspects of the road map, it is equally critical to capture the associated assumptions and expectations to your plan. If an assumption is captured you can learn from it. If it is not captured, the action in the future does not turn out as expected.