“My purpose shall stand, and I will fulfill my intention.” (Isaiah 46:10)

Businesses go through many directional and seasons of change. 

From that initial concept or entrepreneurial spark which leads into a Startup Phase. To the longer stretch of growth and scalability in the mature phase of the life of a business. To arrive at a legacy or perpetuation point where ownership marks a distinct change with their exiting the business. To mid-season changes in leadership for any number of reasons such as new ventures, acquisitions, pivoting into uncharted territories.

All of these and many more transitions give rise to the need for guidance.  A guide challenges the plan so that best outcomes can take place. This delivers the best exit strategies which map out the decisions leading to the intended results.

At JKL Associates, over the past 30 years we have helped in the navigation and facilitation of numerous business transitions. Moving family business through generational changes – 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th and so on. Helping tightly held business navigate to either an internal perpetuation strategy or marketing the business for third party acquisition.  Reviewing various options for exit, succession and perpetuation which might have never been considered. Being part of the Trusted Advisory team to not just plan an exit but to breathe life into the future of the business asset. Bring support to the exiting members emotional dynamics and a platform of stability to the business during this phase of transition.

If your organization is at or about to transition or maybe you are not sure of what season in the business you are at, give a Promise Guide a call to start a conversation.  We are hear to listen and serve your needs.