Let’s be honest, no one sets out to fail. In fact, many of us build very strong fences around this area of failure so that we can withstand the storm of setbacks. We spend lots of time, energy and dollars doing everything we can to avoid failures.  Even to the point where the sunk cost on a situation would be better to walk away but our ego kicks in and we spend more…

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Learning from Failure

Growth is not without challenges and in some cases failure. Depending on what you do with the failure determines if you will learn from it and grow or dismiss it and stay stagnant. We always have a greater opportunity to learn from our failures than from our successes.

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The saying – Nothing happens until the sale happens – is true today and will always be true when a transfer of goods or services are part of the transaction. To cause sales to happen, businesses take any number of approaches.  Marketing and sales work hand in hand to cause brand exposure in the marketplace so that when a buyer has a need, the organization is top of mind to that buyer.

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Building Discipline

A routine or discipline can be formed to either enhance a situation or be destructive toward it. When seeking self-development growth, building discipline will support more dramatic growth. If the routine is contrary to the outcome, then it invades the situation and causes significant impact to progress and results.

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In a society where self and instant gratification are everywhere, it is a challenge for individuals to seek and find the place where personal accountability elevates itself to its proper place. It is also difficult to define the standard or norm by which accountability is valued. If truth and honesty are not part of the accountability standard, then being personally accountable might be misaligned.

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A long-time client and colleague of JKL Associates and I have an ongoing dialogue about the value of work any given activity or event has and how it is contributing to the good of the organization. Some of the things a leader gets involved with are very productive and highly contributing.  Others are not as critical for the leadership to be doing and should be delegated to other resources in the organization so the alignment of dollars invested are more appropriate to the return on those dollars.

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