Happy New Year

As 2020 comes to a close, we can all think of things we wish may not have happened over the past 12 months. I challenge you to stop dwelling on the things of the past and start fresh. Your environments and your attitude are within your grasp to control and enjoy.

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With the simple tick tock of the clock another year has come to pass and a New Year is opening up to all sort of new and interesting opportunities in our lives. Embrace the newness of 2021 by choosing to be part of the promise for better. Let your talents soar to their highest level of success. Allow for all the joy and happiness to engulf you so that you can ride the breeze of fun and fulfillment.

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Merry Christmas

Each year the world pauses to celebrate and recognize the birth of a Savior. One who came for all and gave all to bring peace where chaos exists. To remove sin and human death and restore it with eternal life.

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Cultural Promise of Hope

Christmas is upon us and we are filled with the promise of hope. What we all hope for is likely different but this season affirms that we all have the universal gift of hope to allow us to dream and then enjoy the journey we are on together.

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Early in the life of JKL Associates, I decided that my time and value in the marketplace was not behind a desk writing business and sales development materials. I was more of an implementer of action. So, I went into the marketplace and researched business development tools which would align with where I thought JKL Associates was heading. At the time I figured it was more in the track of…

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A Culture of kindness

Entering the holiday season invokes all kinds of emotions for people. Some with great joy and longing and others deep sadness. As we make our way through the next few weeks let us all keep in mind that one universal gift we all can give and like receiving is “Kindness.” Let me be the first to extend my thoughts of gratitude for you and hope that your days are filled with kindness.

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Being reflective on Culture

As we enter the last days of 2020, it is a time of reflecting on all that has taken place in our world and our culture. The ups and downs of the pandemic and elections and how they have and will shaped our future. These short term elements of our culture will eventually seek and find their rightful place and influence.

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Believing in our culture

When the word culture is spoken, many ideas bubble up in our minds. Maybe we think of culture based on ethnic foundations. Maybe we think of culture in terms of the environment in a business or group. Maybe we think of culture as the melting pot of many diverse people coming together in unity. What ever your picture of our culture, believe it is good and can be better for without a positive outlook for the future all of our visons of our culture will wither and dry up.

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