Confidence Culture

In thinking about our culture, we can easily be distracted in many directions by the noise and various opinions which swirl around each of us every moment of the day. It is time to pause and look deeply at what makes up a positive, productive culture and then have the confidence to step forward and take action to move in our best contributing direction.

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The last 24 months have taken their toll on everyone.  As business leaders we have had to make various adjustments to our businesses, clients, employees, vendors and all the other regulatory factors which have impacted the day-to-day operations of the business.  During this same time, I have witnessed the levels of stress go up multiple levels on these business owners.  As they were and, in some cases, still are in save the ship mode, they have disregarded their own personal health for the sake of the business’s health.

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Our society embraces the numerous holidays of every calendar year. Valentines’ day is no exception. Since before the Christmas/New Year’s festivities, Valentines cards, flowers, candies and well wishes have filled the stores and windows. As we recover from the activities of Valentine’s Day, let us take to heart the truest meaning of loving each other and all of humanity.

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Sales Pipeline Revisited

Last week we explored the area of reviewing financial reports to see the results and needed areas of focus to build and sustain a scalable company.  Hopefully you took that to heart and as today is the 10th of the month you have reviewed your financial reports at least with yourself and or your leadership team.

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Although February is the shortest month on the calendar, it has overwhelming opportunity. We have all either dropped our new year’s resolution by now or we are forming positive habits which has greatness in some form or fashion attached to them. It is the second month of the year when the holidays are completely behind us and it is all about getting down to business. Let your creative juices flow and take yourself to the next Big Dream!

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In the next day or so you should have your results of January 2022.  Your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports should be reflective of what happened during the month of January.  If you don’t have access or use these reports to get a view into your organization’s progress, then now is the time to create the discipline to do so.

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Ground Hog Day!

A very interesting part of our culture are the traditions brought forward from our diverse past. These flavorings from the amalgamation of many cultures gives our society its uniqueness. It is these points of bringing forward our history that allows us to be a more full and complete community. Rather than dismiss the past we need to embrace it both for what is good and not so good. Learn from both so that we can improve on our culture moving forward.

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