We all have biases

Our world is filled with variety and change. This ever changing landscape is a testament to the profound beauty the universe gives to us each and every day. Our challenge is to view this beauty through the lenses of purity and not tainted by the biases we have assimilated into our minds.

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Problem Solving

Our world is filled with numerous situations each day to use the skills of problem solving. The challenge these days is the sharpening of the skills before they are needed. Too often we let them get rusty and then when called upon expect them to work like brand new. If we are not improving our skills, then they are becoming antiquated and out of date.

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Guessing or Managing

In a recent conversation with a very successful business owner/leader we were exploring the challenges in his business with some of the emerging future leaders.  They are the right people, doing a great effort and contributing to the success of not only the business but also to the others in the organization.  You might think – where is the problem in that scenario?

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may be a date on the calendar each February, but it is rooted in the foundations of the heart. At its core is “LOVE.” Whether from an ancient traditional story of a saint giving love to help others or a more secular perspective of showing affections for a loved one, our society needs to reflect on the truth behind love of neighbor. Today, go out of your way to say hello to someone you don’t know. Genuinely show them the simplest of love by this kind gesture which recognizes them as part of our human race.

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2023 – Decision Making

Our culture tends to live in 140-character snippets of information and expectations of split-second timing on decision making. Although there is definitely a place for each of these, we need to pause and reflect that not all actions, transactions and relationships are fully captured in these short bursts.

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