Labor is NOT a Bad Word

As we approach Labor Day weekend in the US, we need to reflect on how labor is a contributing factor in the past, current and future best outcomes of this great nation. Rome was not built in a day, but fire destroyed it very quickly. Nor was this nation quickly formed but it to can be taken down very quickly if We The People don’t understand that we need to work together and labor for our freedoms.

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Building the Ark

In this the 21st century we may not need to build the ark to deal with 40 days of rain or even the melting of the polar ice cap, but we may need a new type of ark to keep us safe from drowning in the sea of fallacies spread like flood waters on to each of us daily. In the story of the ark, people laughed at the building but then craved to be on the boat when the rains came. What are you doing to navigate the onslaught of fallacies which are flooding your mind?

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Your Brand Vocabulary

Can your ideal customer find you through your brand vocabulary? You might be wondering what brand vocabulary is.  It is the words – the nouns, verbs, phrases, and sentences your organization uses to distinguish itself in the marketplace to attract both new and existing customers to your business.  It sounds pretty simple but…

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Silence Brings Wisdom

The energy buzz of our daily lives gives us little time to stop and take time to enter the room of silence. To block out the noise and actually listen to what is really going on around us. People are almost scared to not have noise in their ears and flashing smartphone screens filling their eyes. Pausing and taking in the nature sounds of the world which are not curated for you is a great way to find not only yourself but to re-experience the world in a whole new way.

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Middle Ground Consensus

It seems that middle ground no longer exists in our society. It is driving larger separations between individuals, families, organizations and in general our society. The ability for two parties to have open constructive discussion is fading into the past. Fueled by social media and instant gratification, opposing sides splatter opinions like paint or spaghetti on the wall hoping it sticks and someone hears it as the final truth. Unfortunately, the community at large is penalized as opinions take on an urban legend type hype and in turn the direction of the future is altered not for the good of society but for the benefit of the loudest squeaking wheel.

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Focusing on what is!

Somedays our culture is so preoccupied by what is going to happen that we lose sight of what is happening. The rush to make things better clouds our eyes of what impact we are having right now. The rapid pace of daily living has caused many to no longer stop and smell the roses but to figure out a way to make the roses smell more so we don’t have to stop our hurried pace. Take time to slow down and smell the roses.

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