Profit, that wonderous word all our businesses desire even more than sales. If I ask an owner why they are in business, a great majority of the time the answer is to make money. I did not realize we were all in the printing business. Although we all want profit, we cannot get to it until we have consistent recurring revenue/sales to extract the profit from in our businesses. Additionally, we can only …

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Opportunity Culture

As we embrace 2021, the new year brings new opportunities and new challenges. New goals have been set and plans are unfolding to help us achieve our best outcomes. Even though chaos may appear to be around many corners, it is out of that disruption that positive change can and does happen. Don’t toss away the challenges you come across as road blocks but look at them through a new lens of opportunity.

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Sales = AIR

Today we jump right into the base or first level of the BHN – Business Hierarchy of Needs. As with the Maslow hierarchy, there are certain almost inevitable laws which govern states of existence. As human creatures there are some extremely basic things, we need in order to live. One of them is the air we breathe. In business there are also extremely basic things a business needs to exist. Sales are the air a business breathes. Like us humans when the air and oxygen stop then we stop existing. The same is true for a business when sales stop.

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A Culture of Humor

Humor is typically in the eye of the beholder. Our culture shifts on what people think is humorous. Those in younger generations look at slap stick comedy and twist up their faces as not understanding it. Older generations look at comedians working the circuit today and don’t appreciate their comments about the present day situations. Humor can both bring us together as much as it can push us apart. The challenge is respecting the various opinions each person has on the subject matter and allowing them their space to enjoy it accordingly.

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Last week we introduced you to a means to get focused in on what to fix next in your business. If you missed that article just go to the JKL Associates website under the 3-minute Weekly Insights section and get caught up on the intro. Hopefully by now you have also taken time, a few minutes, to complete the complimentary discovery questionnaire to narrow in on your Fix This Next item in your business. If not – stop and visit

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Lead to Positive Culture

As you look around you personal world and work life, is the environment you are in a positive culture? Are the people you are on the journey with leading to a more positive culture or just watching it form? In the big picture, each day is a flash of time. In the small picture each day needs to be more exciting than the last for we only have one option each morning when we wake to make that particular tick of the clock in time a positive moment.

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On to 2021!

2020 is in the history books. Either a lot can be said about 2020 or nothing at all. Some of us just want to move on to a new year and new opportunities. Others of us are wondering what happened in 2020 and how do I go about 2021 with so many unknowns.

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Confidence Culture

As a baby begins to take their first steps and build confidence in the action of walking, so to must we take new and exciting steps to our next action of contribution. Standing on the sidelines watching has its place but being in the game and building your confidence adds so much more to the experience.

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