As we wrap up the third month of the year and the end of the first quarter of the calendar, it is a nice time also to wrap up the 5th “P” – Profit in our 5 “P’s” review.  You might say we kept the best for last, but in actuality, profit is the result when the other “P’s” are implemented and executed consistently. 

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Our world today is overwhelmed with many perceptions.  The variety of media outlets imposes many people’s opinions on us, which causes a number of perceptions to begin to be formulated in our heads. These perceptions, combined with the biases that we have, form very distinct views of how we see and interact in the world. 

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The question is – How fast or slow should the business go in order to realize its greatest outcomes?  Is your business in a sprint or running a marathon? These are tricky questions.  At first, they appear to be simple, but…

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Pace Focus Culture

Success is not a sprint but more of a marathon. Each step along the path to a better outcome is based on the previous steps. Sometimes, those steps come quickly, but long-term sustainable progress is the culmination of many steps over long cycles of time. Have patience while traveling forward on your journey.

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As we begin the third month of 2024, we start March by focusing on your business’s most valuable and important asset – the people. Unless you are a lights-out, 24-hour operation run by technology and robots, it takes the commitment and know-how of people to make your organization thrive.

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People Focus Culture

People are not only a business’s most valuable asset, but they are also the backbone of both business and personal growth. Our business colleagues and personal friends deserve the acknowledgment of the value they bring to our lives.

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