Free will is an awesome gift and awesome responsibility. It requires each and every individual to consciously make constructive choices which are in the best interest of our society. By choosing to abstain from any number of personal or community desires is not easy but when collectively accomplished our society not only grows, but it also flourishes. Individuals gain self-worth, and relationships bond in authentic harmony.

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A Time of Thanksgiving

As we pause from the daily business hustle and bustle for the Thanksgiving holiday, may we not only give thanks for what we have but also for the challenges which has passed us by.  When we sit down for our turkey day meal take time to pray for those with you and those who are not able to be with you.  Thanksgiving is a time to remember and be thankful for all that is part of our life.

From JKL Associates to you and your family at Thanksgiving – May your home and business be blessed with the goodness of our creator.

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Our society is all too often blind to the value of charity beyond the initial action of giving. This is just the start of the impact charity can have on an individual’s life. Not only the person receiving the gift of support but equally for the person giving the support. When your actions demonstrate authentic love for another person you are also loving yourself by acknowledging what you have is available to help and support others.

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So, the 2022 elections are in the history records for the most part and hopefully the marketplace can begin to find its rightful place of balance and returning to steady growth. The past few years have been a bit of a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs of the pandemic, the twists and turns of the political landscape and any number of other social distractions along the path. All of these various elements…

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Our world is filled with any number of challenges and problems. From war and unrest to the absences of caring, from famine and starvation to excessive behaviors and everything in between. During our journey on this planet our best source of dealing with these swings in life is holding on to hope for a better tomorrow. Never lose hope in humankind.

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Faith in a culture of doubt

Our culture is wrapped in various levels of doubt – from doubt in self, doubt in others, doubt in leadership, doubt in society, just doubt in general. It is where this doubt starts, and end is where faith in the future begins. Having faith allows for our mind and hearts to seek truth even when there is no complete evidence to support it.

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