Stressed Culture

We all own some stress personally and it leaks out into our culture. It leaks out in many forms. From addictive behaviors to physical altercations to seclusion and anxiety, it spills out into our culture shifting like a river through the valley. Cutting its way deep into our persona lives, our families, our relationships, our businesses and our communities. Too much of a stressed culture fractures and breaks into many pieces which are hard to put back together. Our culture is then permanently changed as we rebuild our framework of living.

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The word entrepreneur invokes all kinds of thoughts when placed into a conversation. The concept of new and ground breaking ideas. The endless energy to move those ideas from nothing into something. The opportunity for great rewards or substantial risk. The agility to move in different directions when new information becomes apparent. The Promise and commitment to contribute regardless of opposition. A culture where NO is simply a new discovery waiting to be proven differently.

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Silence is a very powerful experience. In today’s world of constant noise – silence is a rare situation. If you place yourself into a bubble of silence and think about the elements around you the discoveries are almost endless. We begin to see our culture for what it is rather than through the lens of what we perceive it to be. We might not like what the culture is presenting but that is the first step toward taking action to make it better.

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