Wrapping up January 2024 may present a level of disengagement. You may have given up on your New Year Eve resolutions. You might have fallen away from your goals and objectives. Do not choose to be disengaged. This information tells you that just maybe you had taken the wrong path. It is time to reassess a new and better way to get to your next better destination. Give yourself the privilege to change your direction but learn from both your past and present choices.

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With a couple of foundational elements (Vision and Values) already tossed out for your consideration we move to looking at the vehicles by which your organization delivers its excellence to the marketplace. No, we are not talking about the delivery trucks or service trucks in your fleet.  We are using the term vehicles as…

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As you deal with the fear, anxiety and overwhelm of the start of the calendar year you may also experience frustration with yourself and others. Allow yourself to be first and foremost available to yourself so that you can shed your frustrations before engaging others. This will keep your relationship supportive while you navigate to a better mindset to tackle all the items tossed in your path.

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As we continue to march our way into the new year by revisiting the 5 V’s we take the time to look at the Core Values. The Values of your organization need to be the foundation of every decision, transaction, strategy, and tactic.

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The month of January can be a time of overwhelm. The holidays are behind us but a whole new set of demands and expectations descend upon us to ready ourselves for the coming 2024 goals. The breather we had hoped to get during the holiday season was absorbed by all kinds of spur of the moment demands which at the time seemed to make sense but became just another commitment. Step back, take a real breath, and collect yourself so that you can be present in the moment and reposition your mind for the best 2024.

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Vision sounds like a simple word, but it is one of many confusing elements in the development and growth of a business. Part of this confusion is because organizations like JKL Associates and others have various definitions and applications for such a word.  Some of these points of contention are partly because there is no standard use of the word.  Vision is often interchanged or confused with….

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A week into the New Year and already some have become distracted from their annual resolutions. This diversion can bring anxiety upon them. They deal with another round of the illusion of achieving a new goal without doing the necessary preparation or investment of time to actually achieve it. Fear not as there are 50+ weeks left in 2024. You have the power to recraft your objectives. Make them more than list items but weave purpose and meaning into them so you make the necessary personal commitment to realize your vision.

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Revisiting the 5 V’s

As we embark on a new calendar year, it is a good time for leaders to pause and refocus on key elements to make this year the best it can possibly be. Hopefully the nitty gritty of budgets and marketing plans are well refined and launching as you read this.  Your last quarter investment in getting these ready will now begin to play out and when executed well will show a positive return on your energy.

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A new calendar year can cause many to create such concern that it brings potential fear to the forefront of their mindset. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the repercussions of things not completed. Fear of many things which paralyze a person from engaging or realizing their full ability to contribute to themselves and those around them. If you can, take fear head on and build upon the energy it has and allow yourself to grow to a better mindset in 2024.

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