Fourth of July 2022

The big summer celebration is upon us. The opportunity to spend time with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues doing a variety of extracurricular activities.  For many businesses this pause also incorporates vacation season. Adjustments to headcount being available to complete the demands of the customers flexes at the same time other businesses or industries are elevating the need to complete projects during this perceived slower time of the year.

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Cultural Independence

The founding fathers of this great nation – The United States – understood that we would have differences. The items in our Constitution and Bill of Rights are a testament to them being able to forecast our future and hopefully protect us from ourselves. At the same time providing for the richness of a multi-cultural experience giving opportunity to all who elect to invest themselves into their future.

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There is a high likelihood that you are reviewing this content after finding it on one of the JKL Associates landing site on a social media platform and leap frogged over to our site for additional detailed reading. This process of engagement to you are loyal readers and to those who just happened to search on a topic we could bring value to your electronic device are a touch point in the ever-expanding world of social media.

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So, the summer equinox has arrived again. We have circled the sun another 365 days to bring us back to the start of summer. It is a good time to pause and reflect on the past year. Not in the light of New Year’s resolutions but through the lens of values and contributions. Our culture blossoms when the people inside of it have solid positive values and those directly contribute to the growth of us individually and collectively.

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Sales Dominance

I recently was thinking about athletic dominance in a variety of sports.  From Tom Brady in Football to Michael Jordan in Basketball and Jack Nicholas in Golf, and many others, each of these people not only had great careers but were a dominate player at their time.  Although dominance tends to be associated with number of championship victories and length of participation over time, dominance also incorporates the broader aspect of being part of something greater.

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Today is “Flag Day” and We the People must stand up and raise the flag of freedom we all live under here in the United States. We may not always agree. We likely will promote various agendas. We have the right to voice our opinions in productive peaceful ways. We all still have these privileges, these freedoms under the banner of our American Flag. Let us never forget what it truly represents.

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In a Simon Sinek video broadcast on social media, he brought to light that leadership is not a role which you finally arrive at and then expect the demands to be reduced.  It is actually the complete opposite. It was referenced to the concept of becoming a parent.  Once you consider becoming a parent you are making a promise – a lifetime commitment to be there in all types of supportive roles with the children you are responsible for going forward.  Granted there will be varying level of demand based on their age but for all intensive purpose, you have 7/24/365 day responsibilities for their upbringing, safety, health etc.

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As a society our culture is overflowing with various obsessions. From sports fanatics to political agendas all the way to what beverages or food we drink and eat can all fall into the obsessions of our current point in time. Oddly enough we are not obsessed with the real welfare of those around us. The need for self-gratification has grown so intense that it has surpassed the fundamental respect for other people.

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As we enter the summer cycle of business, we can have mixed feelings about the warmth of the summer sun and the demands on the business. For those in the northern part of the country, the sun and its rays bring an invigorated energy.  The spring rains have hopefully dissipated allowing access to the great outdoors to recharges our physical beings. All of this fresh energy lends itself to an increase in hope for better outcomes. It lifts the individuals’ spirits and thus rolls into their daily lives both while at work and at play.

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