The Wisdom of Babylon

You may have heard of the book – The Richest Man in Babylon.  The book was written in 1926 by George S. Clason and uses parables from 4000 years ago to provide insights into financial matters.  The wisdom comes not from the book but from the application of the principles to our daily lives, both our individual lives as well as our business affairs.

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Enjoy the Journey

In this fast-paced world, we can sometimes get wrapped up in the speed and miss what is going on right around us. We miss the smell of the roses, the taste of the salty air near the ocean and maybe even the view of the green grass which grows on the path we are taking. The outcome or results are good, but the journey is where the story is crafted and written into your mind. Journey On!

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When we interact with various business owners, there is inevitably a time in a conversation where the topic of what is keeping the owner up at night comes into play. We try to get this on the table early in a relationship because not dealing with it is always a distraction to progress moving forward. The answers are all over the place depending on what was just the most recent problem of the day or week.

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Preferences are a pretty strong influence in our lives and in our businesses. Just think about all the events, decisions and outcomes which have taken place just since you woke up this morning and how many of them were influenced by your preferences?  Shower before you shave. Putting the dog out before eating breakfast. Black coffee verses tea vs milk etc. These are just a few examples of the things which you have a preference in doing in a particular order.  They morph into a routine so you may not even see them as preferences. At some point in the past, you made a choice.  You were pleased with the results, so you stuck with it. You took your preference and blended it into a routine.

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One of the key differences between humankind and wild beast is the depth and capacity of our minds. Part of that make up is how we value ourselves. A large part of our self-worth is the contribution we make to society. How we not only better ourselves but how those around us are provided an environment to better themselves right alongside of us.

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Precision of a marching band

The college fall football season is upon us. The teams have been preparing for months.  Not just the football players but also the marching bands, pep bands, cheer squads, the campus audio/visuals teams and more. It is a bunch of teams which make the fall football season so pumped up with energy.

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We live in interesting times. Lots of changes at what seems to be an ever-quickening pace. As you look around, there tends to be less, and less time spent using the wisdom of the ages to guide our next steps into the future. The application of knowledge in a right and lasting way has given way to spontaneous reaction absent of any concern for the repercussions it can cause to those either directly involved or completely separated from the actions.

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This coming Monday is the traditional end of summer – Labor Day – and the return to business activity. Although summer does not officially end until Sep 21/22 our minds have a defined shift from vacation mode into last focus on business efforts on ending 2021 with the best possible results. As we transition from one mode of operations to the next, let us pause and reflect on the most recent efforts of the past 90 days.

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