When we lack ownership, do not take responsibility, feel entitled and evolve to a place where we are apathetic, we do not find peace. We discover a presence of anxiousness which further pushes us away from building ourselves up as we see through the lens of tearing things down by giving opinions of blame and pointing fingers. It is up to us to be responsible and take full and complete ownership of our actions and opinions.

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Let’s be clear right from the start – this has nothing to do with the social dynamics of how people are self-identifying themselves with respect to gender, race or any of the other elements protected under the constitution of this United States. Today we are looking at the identification with your organization’s Core Purpose, Core Values and Culture.

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With all the numbing opinions and self-entitlement that seems to proliferate in our society, it is very easy to become more and more apathetic to so many causes. This place of emotionless feeling for any number of topics allows for reduced ownership of a positive outcome and promotes the pointing of fingers to everyone else but ourselves.

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Entitlement without ownership, responsibility and accountability is just taking what you feel is yours without contributing to the betterment of the overall situation. Being entitled and earning entitlement are as far apart as night and day or oil and water. Entitlement does not mix well for a quality life in society.

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Avoiding Conflict is a Myth

A business owner made a funny comment the other day when asked about dealing with conflicts in their business. They said they never have any conflict because it is just a distraction they can’t afford to deal with. It was a bit off the cuff that they made the remark, but it triggered a series of thoughts about how…

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Being Responsible

Being responsible appears to be a tall order these days. It takes discipline and belief in oneself to own what is yours to contribute and when it fails then you must also be big enough to take it as a learning opportunity rather than to point or redirect it away from you and cause blame to be placed where it is not appropriate.

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Four “C’s”

The talent marketplace is very challenging.  In some cases, there are large gaps in availability.  In other cases, people are using this time to shop their skills to the highest bidder. Yet in still other cases existing staff are redefining what they see as their work activities at the expense of unauthorized changes to organizational processes and procedures. Leadership is chasing…

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In our time when it seems everyone has an option and that their opinion is truth, we need to think about real ownership of one’s opinions. Opinions are an important part of allowing each person to express a view or thought about something, but we must take ownership that if or when an opinion is challenged and proven to be different, we must respect the additional insights and concede our opinion to a new truth.

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