For a few seconds, put down your smartphone, turn away from your computer and close your eyes and invite a moment of silence into your life. Block out the visual, and noise of the day and just let your mind be refreshed like a spring shower on blossoming flowers. So much can be learned in the room of silence. Visit it often to restore your best wellbeing.

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Moments of truth

Isn’t it interesting how at the point of death our minds recall such moments in our lives of things we might regret. Not spending time with loved ones, being a workaholic, treating others poorly etc. Take time now while you have today to take corrective action so your list of regrets might not be the focus of your final moments and you can smile at all the beautiful things you did while on this earthly planet.

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Pivot to serving

When a society slides into a place where serving one another is replaced by taking from everyone, the environment we exist in decays at an even faster rate. Human Beings by our nature are communal. We need each other not just to survive but to thrive. Basic existence is overrated when thriving is not only available and possible but is engaging and profound.

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The Tax Man

By this time 2 weeks from now, tax returns for individuals and certain types of businesses will need to have been filed or extensions requested.  Some of you may have already had to file your taxes by March 15th or requested an extension.  This time of year brings both feelings of…

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Good over Evil

Our culture is confused as to what is good and what is evil. The standard for defining the difference has been intentionally blurred over the years. Might this shift be the attempt to reduce individual and group accountability? This disguise of being free without recourse to behaviors? As you ponder these thoughts allow yourself to explore a society where no good exists because we neglect to take accountability for our actions which do not serve the best interests of our communities. True freedom allows good and positive choice. Evil jails us into self and communal cages of false independence.

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