Accountability Culture

Just hearing the word accountability cause some to cringe. To others they don’t even hear the word. Yet others are taken to a higher level of engagement. It is easy to indicate a level of accountability. It is far more difficult to enact behaviors which are consistent with delivering on accountability.

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Moving into the Passing Lane

Labor Day is behind us and 2020 will quickly be nearing an end. We still have lots to accomplish between now and Dec 31, 2020. There will be a Presidential election which will have a distraction on many in the workplace regardless of which set of ideals they may follow. As business leaders we need to get our own houses in order.

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As we all navigate 2020 many people I speak with are challenged by what is going on around them. The pandemic and what that means for their health, safety and future. The social distancing and what that means for work, school relationships. The social unrest and how this is going to impact the future of our communities and neighborhoods. The election and what this could potentially mean for the direction of our nation and all of its citizens. These are just the tip of the iceberg of concerns many are dealing with in 2020.

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Elastic Culture

As we observe the culture around us we ALL need to have some level of elasticity with the pull and twists of change. The current normal will not be the normal of tomorrow. The good and teh bad we experience today will again come to us in new and different forms tomorrow and into the future. If we are too ridged and dry up the stretch we all have inside, we will end up snapping.

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Culture – A Labor of Love

We all own some stress personally and it leaks out into our culture. It leaks out in many forms. From addictive behaviors to physical altercations to seclusion and anxiety, it spills out into our culture shifting like a river through the valley. Cutting its way deep into our persona lives, our families, our relationships, our businesses and our communities. Too much of a stressed culture fractures and breaks into many pieces which are hard to put back together. Our culture is then permanently changed as we rebuild our framework of living.

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