A moment of Thanksgiving

At this time of year, JKL Associates would like to extend a warm heart felt Thank You to all of our readers, clients, colleagues, friends and supporters who have entrusted in us over the past year. It is all of these relationships which ultimately define our purpose.

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Ponder for just a moment all we have to be thankful for? Far beyond possibilities, we live at a time of abundance. Yes, the equity and spread of possibilities and abundance have disparities but in reasonable comparison to many cultures we have very little we do not have some access to. Leave no stone unturned as you seek out your possibilities and abundance.

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Conversation Culture

In an age of technology where pc’s, smartphones, tablets, voicemail, texting and email bombard us with noise, all being represented as conversation. We owe it to ourselves to break free from the threads of short sentences and dive deeply into a one on one conversation with someone we love and cherish a relationship with. The discovery of conversation at a personal face to face level is amazing. So grab your favorite beverage and engage in real talk!

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Begin Creating Trust

Trust in a relationship is not something that just automatically exists. You may have a sense that an individual is potentially worthy of being trusted but like respect it is earned through demonstrated behaviors. Trust is something that can take hours, days, weeks or even years to build but can be lost in an instant if just the right behavior is done or not done. Trust is as fragile as a piece of thin glass bowing and flexing as you carry it across a rocky terrain. It can also be as strong as a steel bridge connecting two individuals or organizations to one another.

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Zeal for Life and Culture

Waking in the morning to the fresh smells of breakfast. Wondering the beach talking to a good friend in the afternoon. Snuggling up with the special loved one in front of the TV for that evening movie. Approaching each moment of the day with great anticipation of living life to the fullest. This is what outstanding culture provides each of us to partake in. So go forth and enjoy the day!

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Promise Guide Compass

Last week we explored the Eco Challenge and a number of things which we as leaders could directly apply to our business future success. We referenced the tool of the compass and how it has been successfully used for centuries to help guide people along their journeys in life. It was also pointed out that a compass has a true north indicator so you can mark your directional change from that baseline direction. These are not just good to know but critical to the future results as you find and use your business compass for achieving your final destination.

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A new day dawns

In the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, a new day dawns from post election Tuesday. The campaigns are over and the result……. Outside of who won or lost, the culture moving forward will still roll on. There will likely be twists in the road ahead. Some bumps and some slippery slopes to navigate but in the end this too will pass just like all the previous elections. We may all now return to our normal broadcasting – hopefully.

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