An organizations’ growth is many times associated to the size of the marketplace it exists in or has the potential to exist in.  This does have a contributing factor as the total capacity cannot exceed the arena your business plays in.  Businesses therefore expand geographically if the available market for their product or service nears saturation.  This expansion is very visible and has…

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Narrow and Deep

During the 2020-2021 business cycles, leaders were driven to look at their businesses, customers, products, services, and their staff through different lenses.  They had to pivot to doing things differently than maybe they had in the most recent past. At the time the elements of the unknown and survival were part of the driving forces at hand. All these converging dynamics cause…

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It is easy to verbalize that justice is and should be at the center point of our culture. Moving justice from a good talking point into meaningful action is a very different commitment. Our intellect must be open to evolving from a selfish point of view to one of humanity as a collective. When we know the real separation of right and wrong it allows us not to look inward but to embrace everyone outwardly.

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A Culture Seeking Wisdom

In a society that is challenging any number of things and attempting to justify behaviors and actions by attempting to reshape history, it is critical that we pause and look for wisdom to guide our thoughts, actions, and deeds. By seeking wisdom and prudence we can collectively call upon and distinguish between the good and bad of any situation.

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Culture Creates Profit

The culture that leadership cultivates in an organization is directly linked to the overall profitability of the organization. That is a pretty big statement to make when it is sometimes difficult to capture hard data to validate the statement.  This week we share insights to help give some framework we have seen in this…

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Seek shelter in open places

As odd as this might sound, the best place to seek shelter in a storm of cultural conflict is right out in the open. Being completely open and sharing complete truth stops the storm in its tracks. Culture storms feed on disagreement and twisted information. If you stand up for the truth, then there is no more cultural storm to deal with. It will likely be an initially rough road but in the long run the path is smooth thereafter.

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If we really want to understand and appreciate others, we must first start with being generous with our time to learn about others. We can not expect for the future to be great if we shortchange our current time to be generous with our time for others today. Challenge yourself to take some time today and be generous with your time to say hello to a stranger. Ask them their name and share your name so that both of you can raise the worth of each other from nameless to the honor of having a name.

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