Invest in your Health

Last Monday was the unofficial start of the “Summer” season in the northern part of the country.  Temperatures have moved away from the cold, and more and more color is popping up from green grass to a multitude of brightly colored flowers.  Just as the environment needs to have seasons of renewal, so do individuals and businesses.

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Memorial Day 2024

On Monday, we pause to memorialize those men and women who had such belief in the freedoms we have here in the USA that they sacrificed at the highest level – To give life for another. 

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Every business deals with any number of challenges over the course of a day, week, month, or year.  Some are external – dealing with customers, vendors, or even the community. Some are internal – dealing with employees, processes, etc.  No business is free of dealing with the on slot of items that, for one reason or another…

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Next time you are out walking or driving, notice the number of people looking down at their cell phones while walking aimlessly forward. This behavior is not only dangerous for their individual safety, but it also encroaches on everyone else’s need to be paying attention. We need to collect our focus and stay attuned to what and where we are going, taking responsibility for our actions and outcomes.

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For many years, organizations have used sales quotas as a means to identify a target at which those involved in the revenue generation side of the business need to create and deliver to the company.  These quotes, which are crucial for your business, to some degree are…

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Setting Priorities

As we navigate the complexities of our work, it becomes increasingly crucial to pause and set priorities for the investment of your time and energy. This practice aligns culture and empowers you to respond to situations rather than react. By taking a moment to sort, order, and prioritize, you can assess the best outcome, contributing to success.

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Never stop learning

As you read this today, JKL Associates is investing in expanding our knowledge and understanding of various topics that can benefit our clients.  We are attending a knowledge conference to gather insights and build relationships with other colleagues and experts in the industries and client profiles we serve. We take this time investment very seriously…

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