Culture Creates Profit

The culture that leadership cultivates in an organization is directly linked to the overall profitability of the organization. That is a pretty big statement to make when it is sometimes difficult to capture hard data to validate the statement.  This week we share insights to help give some framework we have seen in this…

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Seek shelter in open places

As odd as this might sound, the best place to seek shelter in a storm of cultural conflict is right out in the open. Being completely open and sharing complete truth stops the storm in its tracks. Culture storms feed on disagreement and twisted information. If you stand up for the truth, then there is no more cultural storm to deal with. It will likely be an initially rough road but in the long run the path is smooth thereafter.

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If we really want to understand and appreciate others, we must first start with being generous with our time to learn about others. We can not expect for the future to be great if we shortchange our current time to be generous with our time for others today. Challenge yourself to take some time today and be generous with your time to say hello to a stranger. Ask them their name and share your name so that both of you can raise the worth of each other from nameless to the honor of having a name.

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Are you being distracted

Many years ago, when JKL Associates launched we were more than pleased when revenues exceeded expenses.  It sounds simple but at the beginning without sales then no real business actually existed. To ensure survival the option existed to add multiple sources of income to the portfolio.  In other words, take any opportunity which…

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Our society is bent on highlighting the various factions and their differences. Too much of this difference highlighting is to cause division rather than mutual understanding and appreciation. The journey we are all on in this great nation needs to bring focus on what we can learn from our past and take that into consideration to build a better future. Let’s build productive relationships so our culture can flourish for many years into the future.

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Let’s Focus on Literacy

As business leaders we sometimes get so deep in the weeds of our business operations that we don’t take the time to lift our heads and look at the world around us. It is quite an interesting place when you give it a genuine look. For example, today is one of those fewer known days on the calendar….

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The Fruits of our Culture

Our traditional celebration of Labor Day is now complete. This day of country recognition of the work culture we are all so proud of was built by the strong hands and backs of “We the People.” Our freedoms and the challenges they cause will continue to present themselves. It is incumbent upon each of us to contribute in a positive and productive way to build our future together.

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Labor Day Salute

On this holiday in which we celebrate Labor and how it has contributed to the success of this great nation, we at JKL Associates pause and salute those men and women of are armed forces who labor 365 days 24 hours a day to allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have. Today we skip our typical Monday video and ask that you take the next 60 seconds to give thanks and even send up a prayer for the safety of those who labor in our armed services for our benefit.

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Labor Day 2022

As we prepare to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, we begin to call a close to the summer and focus on the last business cycle of 2022.  Hopefully you and your team have had the opportunity to refresh and recharge your energy over the past couple months. 

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