Constructive Conflict

Take 30 seconds and look at news media. Yes, we realize that you just wasted 30 seconds, but you needed to be again exposed to the conflict in our world today.  Conflict exists on many fronts: global, political, within the teams, and at home. The conflict that makes the news tends to be negative or destructive conflict. Not all conflict is destructive. There is the idiom of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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We live in a time when alternate views abound. Everyone has a perspective on everything. The diversity of thought is excellent, but the absence of respecting each other’s views closes the door to true significant social improvement. It is not easy to pause and consider alternative views when we are so rushed by wanting our views to be heard and accepted as the new standard. All this creates more isolation and the collapse of creative and innovative ways to have a robust society.

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Some years ago, Emotional Intelligence and its influence on business people’s success and challenges came onto the scene.  At first, it was quiet as it stepped into the soft and fuzzy world of emotions, and business was all hard and rigid.  There was no place for such considerations in the business world.  The reality is that Emotional Intelligence was already in the business arena but was being suppressed.

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In a self-absorbed society where individuals place themselves first in all matters, it becomes very challenging for relationships to mature when there is an absence of mutual commitment. Just the sound of the word commitment in our world makes people uneasy. When someone must commit, they must give up part of themselves for the betterment of the whole. This directly takes away from their own self-absorption.

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Being authentically vulnerable in a relationship is a scary place to be and go. It will expose some of your deepest secrets and most embarrassing characteristics. Without that place of insecurity in the relationship, most of the time, all you are experiencing is transactions between two people. It is not a genuine relationship. When we are vulnerable to each other, we become fully present to each other and can give and receive each other completely.

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As the world continues to expand the use of technology, it becomes more and more imperative that we take the time to not become dependent on it for the simple aspects of one-on-one communication. Yes, texting and email are great tools and can enhance communication, but they should not replace the simplest personal conversations. Rather than texting someone, take the moment to give them a call and hear their voice. Better yet, if they are close, go to them and have a face-to-face conversation. That simple gesture shows a level of caring and support for each other.

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