Walking Dead Culture

As we go about our daily routines we might not realize or recognize that to some degree a large portion of our society is like the walking dead. No Hope, No Interests, No Direction. The routine has become the the norm anything which requires input or energy is no longer desirable. Let’s break out of the routine and spice up life and live it rather than just walking through it.

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There are many evolving changes which are taking place in the business world. Organizations are restructuring the physical presence of staff. Some by the nature of their work contribution must be in a building to execute their tasks. Others can contribute via a virtual or remote work setting. Still others can contribute through a hybrid of both on premises and remote.

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A Path to Promise Culture

When we take time to pause and look at the characteristics of those colleagues we admire the most, there are some great insights we can take a way from our observations. These relationship in our lives are guide posts on the path to a better, more wholesome world. By making a “Promise” to yourself and others to emulate best characteristics, our culture directly improves – One little moment at a time.

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The past 9 months have been a unique time for small businesses. Many were coming out of 2019 well positioned and the beginning of 2020 looked like a potential for record performance. These were the “healthy” businesses. At the same time there were many small businesses that were hoping for 2020 to repair their dysfunctional business. They were going to add some sales to the organization so they could survive. These were the businesses with “Pre-existing conditions.”

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Bullying Culture

It is a sad day when the noise of the society gets confused between differences which enrich our culture and the differences which segments of the community use to take advantage of to gain a position of power and control over others in the community. Bullying is just another form of bondage. Bullying ultimately fails when no one is left to control. The bully loses their power of control. Unfortunately by that time not many are left at all.

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Solving for “X”

Schools in one form or fashion are back in session. Maybe the education is being done in person or maybe a hybrid format or possibly all virtual. Regardless of the delivery format the education of future generations is taking place. If we take a moment to move back in time to our elementary or high school days and place yourself in the desk of algebra class we will all experience a different tingle in our bodies. Some of us might feel….

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As we journey along the path of life, there are days when we traverse the shifting sands of time. Our footing is not as solid as we might like but the other aspects of the walk allow us to move forward. The many environments we choose to live in impact us not only individually but collectively. The crossroads of many environments cause some obstacles but if we are bigger than the obstacles then we can learn from what they are teaching us for our future.

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During the past few months JKL Associates has interacted with a number of business owners on a variety of different challenges. Many were directly related to having to make difficult choices about employees and future plans for their businesses. As we had engaging dialogue, I would remind them from time to time about…

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