When an organization embraces culture as the foundation of its business practices, it sets the stage for hiring individuals who best align with the culture offered. This allows for transparency of purpose and core values, enabling talent to flourish rather than exist and put in time in an organization.

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Having grown up during the evolution of digital technology, I was fortunate to see the gradual shift in the way people interacted with technology and the devices to which they were given access. Today, device technology is so abundant that younger generations take this access much like we all wake up in the morning to sunlight. It has always been here, so why would it not be here tomorrow?

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The marketplace is filled with any number of product and service providers, all touting their brands to win consumers’ dollars. Does the brand represent its culture in the marketplace, or does it simply promote what it wants the marketplace to think about it?  The next time you want to buy a product or service, look at not just the image branding but what the organization really stands for in the marketplace.

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4th of July, 2024 

Tomorrow, we commemorate the United States Declaration of Independence, a pivotal historical moment requiring immense courage, faith, and perseverance. Our forefathers, at that time, had a strong sense of their actions’ significance, yet they might not have fully grasped the profound impact it would have on them, their families, and their colleagues. Over 200+ years later, the United States continues to shape the global stage, a testament to the enduring influence of this historical event on business culture and beyond.

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With the 4th of July holiday a couple of days away, the word Freedom echoes around the country. It is a very important time to take a strong look at what freedom is and what it is not. Freedom is not the ability to have each, and every person do whatever they want whenever they want to do it. Freedom comes with responsibilities and discipline. It requires that individuals respect one another for the opportunity to pursue happiness. Freedom is not free of accountability. Freedom should not be based on one person or group of people’s selective views. It needs to stand the test of time and be ready to be tested and evolve when appropriate, but not based on subcultural desires. Our current freedoms cannot be taken for granted as they can and will be taken away if “We the People” are not careful with how we use our freedoms.

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