As a business moves through its various cycles from start up to mature and then to its’ perpetuation stage there are various drivers which contribute and shape the culture of the organization.  At the beginning of the business there is lots of attention focused on revenue.  Sales are all that appear to count.  To a degree this is justified as without cash the business cannot sustain itself into future stages.  Some businesses unfortunately fail because…

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Our culture is ever evolving. The ebb and flow in various directions adds many dynamics to the reality we all navigate. Some days the reality can get pretty grim, and we might just feel like it really should not be this bad. We can either choose to be sucked down the rabbit hole of bitterness or we can choose to see the light and be hopeful that tomorrow will be brighter than the current moment in time.

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Build Your Best Cake

Not too long ago, I chose to spend a little time just relaxing in front of the tv.  I started to scroll through the numerous channels and was attracted to a cooking channel where top chefs were competing for some prize.  The competition centered around building the best cake.  The difference was that the focus was on…

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In a society that is so often self-concerned we need to be open to seeing others for who they are and not what we want them to be. We may or may not agree with what or who they want to be recognized as but that does not make them any less of a human being. Allow them to be who they are and hopefully they will allow you to be who you are.

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Over the course of the past few months a few clients and colleagues have navigated some difficult situations. Everything from employee challenges to family matters.  As a third party looking in on the situations, I had a unique perspective to see how these challenges impacted not only the business and the families depending on the situation but most importantly how it affected the individuals directly involved in the situation….

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Cultural Fitness

It is one thing to get up in the morning and go to work.  It is another thing to get up in the morning and hop out of bed to race to perform your very best at your chosen work activity.  One of the ingredients for this to happen is for you to be engaged in an organization that aligns with your personal culture.  Feeling like you are recognized, and your contribution is acknowledged is additionally part of the business cultural fit we all seek.

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Independence Day

At JKL Associates we take the 4th of July to celebrate the freedoms this great nation allows each of us to partake in. Our Freedoms, Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights should never be twisted or contorted to achieve individual or selective groups agendas.

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