This coming Monday our nation celebrates those individuals who gave the price of ultimate service to the people of this country protecting our freedoms both on foreign lands and here at home. We have our share of differences and are still trying to work out the best ways to approach our future as a nation. We can never forget those who fought for the freedoms we currently enjoy allowing us choice, input, appreciation and hopefully understanding.

May your Memorial Day 2021 be a time of remembrance of those who believed so much in our future of the nation that they gave so much for it in times gone by.

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Our culture ebbs and flows between ultra-positive times and some pretty low moments. Time and history give us a great opportunity to reflect, respect and remember those moments of our past. As we look at those elements of our culture which are not always viewed through a common lens, kindly take the time to first appreciated and then to understand the full set of circumstances associated with it. If we only select those parts, we want to embrace we discount an important part of the story of our culture.

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The first step is to acknowledge that bias does exists. Not just in your business but in society and in the heads of each and every person that is on this planet. Bias is not something new. Bias has existed since the beginning of time.

Let us start with a definition – Bias as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is:

an inclination of temperament or outlook : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment : PREJUDICE

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The deep richness of our cultures is the result of multiple layers of wonderful imagination having been incorporated over the years. Each day our imagination cultivates new and expressive ideas which become part of our bountiful history. Let your imagination run wild with greatness so our culture will thrive into the future.

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For the past few weeks, we have been looking at key priorities to operate a Best-in-Class business.  We started with the foundation of a solid Purpose which your People are engaged in. We also looked at how time, energy and resources, when utilized at the proper Pace, directly support the Purpose and People of the organization. We then explored the Perception of where your business lives with respect to creativity, innovation and embracing change to support a growth mindset for the future. Today we finally get around to a topic many of you might have felt precedes all the prior elements – that of Profit.

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Culture is like Air

In order to sustain life, we need air. Air with a poor supply of oxygen causes the human existence to suffer. So too does a poor culture which is void of goodness, love and joy cause the human existence to suffer. As humans we may have little ability to directly influence the amount of oxygen in the air we breathe but we surly have teh ability to influence the quality of our culture.

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Business has been and always will be about thinking of some new way to either help solve a problem of one sort or another or to bring a pleasure to someone.  If we stop thinking about the betterment of the world in which we exist, then it would be quite boring and absent of positive energy. This thinking we do is about creating.  When we create, we give of ourselves to the world. The world receives value from our creativity.

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April showers bring May flowers and thus the cycle of spring presents itself once again. During this time of starting fresh and new, might we all pause and consider how we could contribute to a better culture moving forward. Do we have the ability to rise above the noise of daily media influence and objectively look at our society and make it better today for a greater tomorrow!

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