Over the past couple of weeks, the Promise Guide Insight posts have emphasized a few components of JKL Associates Promise Culture model.  We investigated the people and relationships; we upped the importance of having a great compass of Core Purpose and Core Values. These items all exist as the center of a culture which not only creates a quality work environment but weaves a strong fabric with the people and outcomes for the business.

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Summer and S’mores

If you have had the pleasure of making your own S’more at the campfire, then you are fully aware of the joy of the smells and tastes this culinary treat offers. Sandwiched between graham crackers are the sweets of chocolate and marshmallow. This summer is also a great time to make business S’mores by sandwiching fun times between work activities. The benefit to your culture will see better engagement when the team is given the privilege to play a little between making your clients/customers happy.

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If you have ever been on an orienteering activity, you will truly appreciate the value and importance of not only having a compass but knowing how to use it and keep it properly aligned to your destination. If this is a new term for you then basically this outdoor sport is about being given a map and compass and traversing a variety of terrains to move from point “A” to Point “B” in a timely fashion. The best time without penalties wins. 

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No shame in working

Every business owner is challenged with the lack of people to fill roles in their organization. Some might want to point blame on any number of factors. The reality is that there is no shame in working for a living. Taking pride in accomplishment and contribution validates self-worth and confidence. As leaders we are all responsible for pulling each other up and not pushing each other down.

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It should go without saying but at the core of both personal and business growth are authentic relationships.  As human beings we are communal in nature.  We seek and need interaction with other people.  There may be the occasional loaner type person you come across but even in their desire to seek solitude they are dependent on some interactions with other people.  The key here is that when we seek relationships, they are rooted in trust and are genuinely authentic. 

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In this time in history where so many people are self-absorbed, we need to pause and take time to gather real insights into ourselves. We need to then determine how we can use these key understandings to make ourselves more available to others so to better those around us as well as ourselves. Take being self-absorbed and radiate it out to help others be more than they currently are.

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Mid Year check-in

6 months have flown by and now we are into the dog days of summer.  In the northern part of the country the mind set shifts a bit to vacation mode, kids being out of school, etc. The weather is one that invites us to spend some time outdoors gathering up the vitamin D from the sunshine we miss during other parts of the year. Our businesses migrate into covering shifts for missing staff. Our customers might also shift their expectations, wanting things even more timely on their schedule than on ours so they can use the extra time to go out and have fun.

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