Labor Day 2023

This coming Monday is a celebration of all the various talents of our country and the working people who have contributed to its past, current, and future success.  Our people are the backbone of this nation and on this day, we take time to recognize that each of us has a critical role in adding value to our communities, and our nation as a whole.

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Back to School

Here in the USA, we are headed back to school. Some states have already started, and others are beginning shortly. This is a time for all of us to pause and understand that learning is not limited to certain months of a year or certain years of our lives. Learning is a lifelong commitment and endeavor to better ourselves for the good of society.

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If you have ever been in the situation where you are on the expressway and the road takes a rather defined sharper turn (mileage signs indicating to slow down) and you attempt to stay at the previous speed, you now must take corrective actions or potentially pay the price of an accident or worse.  I know I have been there more than once and…

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In a world where we are bombarded moment by moment by any number of potential distractions, we owe it to ourselves to build the muscle of focus. That skill to narrow in on what is happening around us and find the key or critical elements to focus on that most contribute to our best result.

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In a conversation with a colleague the other day we started to reminisce about how the work world was such a different place than when we started several years ago. At that time in the 70’s and 80’s the competition was outrageously fierce for each and every role we were seeking out.  The criterion almost seemed unfair to even be able to…

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Starts with you

Our society has many opportunities to redirect an undesirable outcome to someone else rather quickly, even before the facts and truth are looked at completely. This movement of accountability to someone else for undesirable performance is just another way to get the attention off us and onto another so individually we can hide. Authentic accountability starts with each of us. Standing up and taking full responsibility for each and all of our actions even when they have contributed to a less than desirable outcome.

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Getting the Facts

Our Guidepost of last week triggered some thoughts about this area of getting facts and using data as opposed to guessing or using just gut level instincts.  The use of gut level instincts cannot be diminished in the workplace.  It absolutely has its contribution level when sorting through many of the challenges that face business leaders. The key here is…

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Return on Investment

In the business world when we hear return on investment or ROI we tend to think strictly in the form of money or finances. The reality is that we invest into our lives not only with financial resources. We invest with our emotions, intellect, and spiritually. Each of these also needs a return on investment to satisfy our human existence. Give yourself the privilege to capture a return on your emotions, intellect and spiritual needs in your work and play.

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When Leadership Fails

As a business leader you can’t go throughout a day without some piece of communication coming at you either in an email, a flyer, a conversation, or any number of other input sources about leadership. The latest techniques, latest insights, latest gurus etc. all have something to say about leadership.  The fact that you are reading this weekly Promise Guidepost just ticked the leadership discussion point in your mind. There is such an…

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The phrase “Nothing to fear but fear itself” dates back to 1930 but is still true today. When fear sets into a person any external stimulus can evoke a level of uncertainty or even panic. Our world is hyper stimulated and causes many to be fearful of what is the next thing to change or disrupt our desired calm environment. Fear can also be a constructive stimulus to cause one to finally move from a state of pause to a state of action. Don’t let fear rule your world but use it to build a better one.

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