As we move through the ages of time from ice age to agricultural, from industrial to information and digital we can all see the advances mankind has made and benefited from. We can also trace the many unfortunate mistakes along the way and did not realized their impact for many generations afterwards. As our culture moves forward, we need to have a much longer-term view of the ramifications of our actions not only on how our lives are improved but at what hidden costs.

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In prior communications we have touched on the topics of Purpose, Vision, Core Values, and other foundational aspects as bedrock elements for the growth and stable success of your business and your leadership. As we guide leaders in the process of establishing these frameworks, we find that the exercise may have been done in the past, but the use and weaving them into the culture is weak if not absent.

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Wisdom is the right application of knowledge, resulting in the betterment, the integration, the wholeness of all mankind regardless of social or worldly pressures placed upon a decision or direction. Sometimes the right application is in direct opposition to the pressures placed upon us.

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Do Not Tell – Coach

In today’s world people are not looking to be sold something.  They are looking to be served.  Looking for a resolution to some situation which your product or service can mitigate to reduce some stress in their life. This is true of not just the acquisition of goods and services but also in the workplace as it related to the recruitment and hiring of talent.

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If we want to discover the real beauty in our world look deeper and beyond the surface of our culture. All of us are directly apart of its ongoing creation. Each and every nuance that we contribute adds to the depth and color of our world. By being actively a part of our culture, you are adding your tiny but critical piece of beauty to the culture.

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The JKL Associates Promise Culture model starts with “Purpose” at the center of the primary foundational elements of business and personal growth and success.  From this central point all other aspects of growth and success emanate.  In concert with purpose having both personal and business core values give the framework and guidance for all consistent communincation, transactions and decision-making efforts.

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So Easily Distracted

Ever stop and just look and listen to what is going on around you? The noise, the drama, the distractions are so voluminous that somedays we cannot even find the silence necessary to see or hear truth and meaning. Today take a moment to go into the silence and discover something wonderful about yourself.

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