Happy New Year – 2023

As we approach the end of 2023 and enter 2024, we like to craft resolutions about this or that which shortly into the new year get replaced or forgotten. This year resolve to identify just one simple opportunity for yourself to grow and be the best you can be in this world and stay with it the entire year. Make this year’s resolution the one you will never forget.

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At this most special time of year, pause and reflect on the bounty and graces this world provides to each and every person regardless of individual circumstances. Each of us has an unlimited opportunity to be in union with God. God proved his love by sending his only son to help us reflect, repent, and realize love is the answer.

On behalf of JKL Associates, may your Christmas season be filled with Joy and Peace.

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Merry Christmas – 2023

God sent his son – the Savior of the world to be born on Christmas. Let this act of righteousness bring Peace to your heart. Allow forgiveness to penetrate deep within you so that both you and those you forgive are available to heal. That is the gift of Christmas.

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There are many days during a business leaders’ career that would fall into a special category of remembrance.  The day you started up your business or maybe the day you let your corporate boss know you were quitting to start your own business. Possibly it was the day you became the President or CEO of an existing business to lead. There are likely many key days on the calendar where significant events took place that are…

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In a world where communication technology is overwhelmingly abundant from mobile phones to computers, we need to be cautious about not dismissing genuine communincation directly face to face between each other. It is at that very instant that the true emotions of the interaction are present and add a beautiful dimension to the conversation.

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