A Culture of “Trying” to be relevant

As they say, history repeats itself because we don’t learn from history.  Being ignorant of our past only causes our past to repeat – only each time it takes on a new spin for everyone to think it is something new.   The big different at this time in history is the nature of media and the instantaneousness of it.  It took weeks and months for news to travel around the world in the past.  Today it is real time.  Back then people had time to think and process and actually decern decisions.  Today the expectation is instant gratification and instant fix.  Decisions and second guessing those decisions are all taken instantaneously because if people had to stop and actually ponder their response they might just not have anything to say and thus they would feel less relevant.  Today, people open their mouths to feel relevant even when what comes out of it is complete irrelevant.