Action beats contemplation

September 19, 2019

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Action beats contemplation

First I need to state that there is a time and a place for contemplation.  Unfortunately it is not always in the business setting.  Some of us, by our nature are go getters while still others are far more comfortable being lead or playing supporting roles. So let’s concede that action can sometimes put an inordinate amount of stress on some people in the business setting or even the home setting. All that being said, stuff just does not get done by thinking about it.

This time of year business leaders are in thought, contemplating future strategies for the business.  This is a great investment of time to step back away from the daily hustle and bustle of the business and look at what is working and what needs to be improved. From this time looking and listening to the business noise, leaders can begin to sort through the various aspects of the business and start to place order into the next phase of development and growth of the business.

The key here is to make a defined transition from thinking and re-thinking and thinking it over and over again and moving into action.  By example, we just celebrated the 50th anniversary of landing man on the moon and returning them safely back to earth. (Maybe you are one of the believers that it never happened, but one visit to Cape Kennedy or the Houston Space Center might give you a different perspective.  If it was make believe then wow, nice job on setting up the supporting cast of characters and environments.) Back to the anniversary, Then President Kennedy made a challenge – to achieve this feat by the end of the decade.  It had never been done.  We did not even know all the components to get it done. There were some unproven ideas and many more ideas which were proven not to work.  The key was that if it was to happen in less than 10 years it was not just about brain power to think and contemplate but to take action and discover what worked and what did not work.

This is even more true today in your business.  The market place is moving rapidly in one direction or another.  Building strategies and the associated plans need to be done but only for a more narrow window of time say 12 – 36 months tops.  Once the direction is defined then it is impetrative to begin executing steps – taking action in that direction.  As you take steps, you must measure the results and identify if it is in alignment with the expected outcomes.  If not, then re-plan to get back on track.  If the outcomes are tracking to your expectations then keep moving forward and make subtle adjustments if needed to improve upon what you learn as you go.

Last week we referenced the automotive industry and the impact the assembly line had on results and outcomes not just for the business but it reduced the cost of the vehicle to the point where the average person could participate in owning such a vehicle.  Much like that innovation, the automotive and aerospace industries capitalized on “Just in Time” materials delivery allowing for the distribution of manufacturing to be spread out across the nation while allowing centralized assembly and final control in a single location.  This process enable action to take place in a wider reaching area putting many more resources into action with a common focus on the end prize.

This week as you look at your business and contemplate what is going well and what might need tweaking in 2020, make sure you incorporate a defined timeframe of moving to action and the measurement points to determine if the action steps you are taking are delivering on the results you have in mind.

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