And the Race is on…

January 3, 2019

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And the Race is on…

As we start 2019 let’s first acknowledge the accomplishments of 2018. Some of you had better than projected outcomes and some maybe did not end up where you had hoped. Either way along the journey of 2018 you had some high points and traversed some low points. You hopefully learned important lessons from both aspects of your business and personal lives.

Moving forward in 2019 you should already have your goals and objectives identified and the appropriate strategies and tactics laid out to effectively achieve them. If not, then it is definitely not too late to get that put in place. When I talk to some leaders, they procrastinate on setting goals and objectives. They may be put some generally obscure plan of attack in place because they like to fall back on the perception that no matter what they plan it is going to change so why waste the time putting the plan in place, to begin with.

That is the whole reason to plan out your future to begin with. Yes, the plan is going to change when new information comes forward and based on its direct impact on the plan gets incorporated accordingly. Without the plan, it is far more difficult to determine the impact. Without the plan, the new data just gets tossed into the current bundle of actions and hopefully sorts itself out along the way.

I do agree that business plans need to be agile and flexible. If it is too rigid of a plan or set of steps, then when changes happen, it is too difficult to incorporate them without a total rewrite of the plan of attack. In being flexible I don’t support vague directions but allow for possible transitions which market or industry trends are foreshadowing.

This week if you are behind on laying out your 2019 plans then you have work in front of you. If they are ready to roll out, then get them into the hands of your team to let them run with them. If you are already down the path with plans and rollouts complete, then it is time to work on the business and not fall back into working in the business. Your goals and objectives with their supporting plans are a prime example of working on the business. If they are dependent on you to implement, then you designed a plan to drag yourself back into working on the business. Just maybe you need to transfer execution to your team and be there to prop them back up when they falter rather than them holding you up to work on the plan.

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