Is your EGO holding your company back?

October 31, 2019

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Is your EGO holding your company back?

So you own the business. You are the grand marshal of the parade. It is your way or the highway. All these phrases might run through your head or through the thoughts of your team or even customers.  But as the song says – “That don’t impress me much.” We could all learn from the noise in our heads and the murmur around us to improve our businesses.  The big question is – does our own EGO get in the way of progress?

It is not 100% but over the past 40+ years of business interaction there has definitely been a larger number than necessary of business situations involving business leaders where their ego got in the way of progress.  It got in the way of making what should have been a simple decision but took it in a completely different direction just because the individuals EGO got in the way.

The data, the input, the collective understanding was all pointing in a constructive direction but the EGO of the owner just was not going to let their organization drive the decision making process.  Well if you are offended by this I’m guessing you are either directly relating to the story because you are either the owner or one of the team members who were part of the extra work that ensued after the EGO decision was invoked.

I do need to be fair about this and give some understanding to the owners of businesses out there.  You are the person who put the greatest amount at risk whether time, money, reputation or what ever capital or emotional energy necessary to get the business off the ground.  For that investment risk and reward you are given certain privilege’s or maybe rights to provide direction on your company’s decisions. To launch the company it takes a fairly solid EGO and maybe a bit of ignorance to the fact that it might not work.  When it does work it validates your EGO thus moving it to the top of mind status moving forward. The challenge is that what got you to where you are at maybe won’t take you much further.  The best business owners surround themselves with top talent to complement the objectives – the purpose of the business and then let them run with the program.

As the owner you establish the desired end point and the rules or expectations of engagement to run a profitable business.  You then take the time to inspect what you expect.  As needed you tweak and refine the systems and people to have a well oiled machine.  When you let your EGO take charge the wheels of progress actually slow down rather than speed up.  People get distracted by the EGO and work slowly comes to a halt.  By coaching your team along and allowing their talents to blossom then you get the most not only for them but from them.

This week take a look at how you interact with your team.  Are you leading and coaching or telling and yelling.  Just because you might own the place does not give you special release on how you behave.  In fact it places a larger burden on you to act accordingly to your Purpose, Core Values and Principles which are your success guidance system.  When you go off course on those the whole ship begins to take on water and it will only be a matter of time before people start jumping ship to your competition.

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