Are you player, coach, team owner or spectator?

October 24, 2019

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Are you player, coach, team owner or spectator?

We are in the midst of “American” football season while in other parts of the world football or as we call it here – soccer is also being played. So we have two different sports, referred to as football but depending on where in the world you are seated in the stadium you are looking at different games.

When seated in the stadium you are more than likely a spectator but just maybe this article found its way to your email inbox and you are the owner of a football team – regardless of which type of football. Never the less, this week’s three minute insight might very well apply to you and your business.

Each of us fall into one or more of the roles of sport – player, coach, team owner or spectator. We have similar characteristics as leaders in the business world.  Each of the sports roles come with different demands and expectations.

As a spectator we just show up and watch.  Maybe we engage in some cheering for our team along with some beverages, food and social interaction with our friends.  Our total expectation is that our team wins, the food and beverages are acceptable, the conversation is light and not too thought provoking and that the event was entertaining enough to do it again in the future should we choose to do so.

If we elevate ourselves to a position of being a player then our participation expectations go up.  We train and then train some more.  We interact with our team mates and focus on plays which when executed deliver on offense with a score or on defense by holding the opponent scoreless.

Moving to the role of coach we now take back additional demands to not just designing plays for exaction but to ensure the training and team members are all on the same page for getting it right with precision each and every time. We carry back the responsibly for developing talent and putting the best alignment of talent to work each and every time they execute.

Going even further to Team Owner, then we are carrying back the greatest level of risk and reward.  We are the primary funding source for getting it right.  Getting the best talent whether players or coaches together with a common focus and committed energy to be successful.

Our best and worst friend is the spectator for they pay the freight for a team.  Whether it be through season tickets of multiple trips to the concession stand at games, the spectator is the customer.  The players and coaches are staff and you, the business leader, hold the bag of accountability for ultimate team success.

This week take a look at the make up of your organization.  It is a mix of all of these roles.  You have leaders who fill the roles as coaches or should be looking at their role as such.  You have players who are vital to the daily operations of the deliverable, your customers purchase from your business. You have spectators – your clients and customers whose expectations are set by the best in the marketplace, and you hold down the accountability for all of them playing nice in the sandbox of business.

Oh yes, we also have the officials/referees which are third party to the game.  They are there to help let the field of competition be fair and follow the rules of engagement.  Their involvement should be minimal and hopefully you may not even be aware they are present.  The reality is that too frequently they are drawn into the events of the game by infractions which are outside the framework. Sports are designed to focus on best talent contributing to success and not the twisting of rules and regulations to get ahead.  Officials also exist in business.  They are your Trusted Advisors Council – Business Strategist, CPA, Legal etc.  Your group of people which assist in keeping your team focused on what is most important to elevate your success.

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