Cart before the horse

February 7, 2019

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Cart before the horse

By now you have a set of Core Values and some Principles by which you are beginning to shape the culture of your company. If you have not yet rolled them out, that is ok. Some of you took that initiative and others are waiting for this to gel a bit more first. Both are completely good plans of action. If you are confused by this then kindly go to the website and check out the past couple of weeks to get up to speed on Tuning up your Culture.

Some of you might be asking yourself where Vision and Mission comes into this framework. They are absolutely part of it but let’s not get the cart too far in front of the horse. In some models the approach is to start with vision and mission and move into goals etc. Over the years we have found that we need to go deeper into the intrinsic aspect of the business first before a truly meaningful vision and sub mission can be crafted to achieve the end game.

Our next step is to have you craft your “Purpose” statement. Yes, it may sound like vision or mission, but this has everything to do with “WHY” and not what the end picture or sub mission have to do with getting to the vision. It is typically here where the question of why are you in business is answered – make money. Sorry, but that is not the real why – that is a result of having a why.

Simon Sinek, Author (“Start with Why”), TED talk specialist and his team has great insights into this aspect of defining your “Purpose” or “WHY.” Basically, to have a culture where you attract the best talent and they are ready to engage fully there MUST be a much deeper reason and meaning for your business to exist. People are intrinsically drawn to organizations which support their own personal values and “Why.” The current younger and future generations are at the forefront of needing this in a work environment. Working just to make money is not a singular driving force. In today’s world, reasonable compensation is a given or you can’t even attract talent. Beyond money is “Purpose.”

We don’t typically take the time to explore this level of our business, so it will potentially feel awkward. You may struggle to wrap your mind around a purpose for your organization. Don’t get frustrated. Feel refreshed in the fact that you are not alone. This journey of your cultural tune-up is going to place you on some uncharted roads. If you are not willing to explore what will make you better, then it is time you throw in the towel.

This week start the mind thinking about the “Purpose” or “WHY” your business exists. Take a look at your core values and principles. They just might trigger some thoughts of why you started the business or keep it going. Possibly start with asking yourself – What is it that your business contributes to so that something can be better? Think about the stories that capture your best moments. What themes can you extract from these stories that capture your deeper “Purpose?”

Need to jumpstart your “Purpose” thinking?  Give JKL Associates a call and lets get your thinking cap engaged.

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Our Purpose – To build Cultures, Businesses, People, and Relationships with a Purpose based Passion, so that all can engage their talents for greatest contribution in whatever endeavor they seek.  A life where a “Promise” means something!


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