The Tax Man

The annual contribution to reconcile our taxes for another year has come and gone. Our culture has many challenges in front of us. The tax season, which allows for many of the services we all enjoy, is important to keep in proper perspective. Individually, we could not afford what collectively we can all achieve with participation in our tax system.

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There is no I in Team

As the baseball and softball seasons roll out at all levels of play, from the Major Leagues to the school playground, our culture has a new opportunity to focus on building up the value of being part of a team and diminishing the negative energy created by making it all about a single person.

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No April Fool

Although we joke about April 1st being April Fool’s Day and use the time to poke fun at and with our friends and colleagues, it is really important that we stay true to appreciating and understanding the impact our pranks can have on those around us. We don’t always know what else is going on in someone else’s life, and our unintentional actions can cause pain under the surface.

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Pace Focus Culture

Success is not a sprint but more of a marathon. Each step along the path to a better outcome is based on the previous steps. Sometimes, those steps come quickly, but long-term sustainable progress is the culmination of many steps over long cycles of time. Have patience while traveling forward on your journey.

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People Focus Culture

People are not only a business’s most valuable asset, but they are also the backbone of both business and personal growth. Our business colleagues and personal friends deserve the acknowledgment of the value they bring to our lives.

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Culture of Self-worth

In these days of instant gratification, we have drifted away from valuing self-worth at an intrinsic level. A level where we love ourselves not for promotion or getting ahead of others, but because we have value to contribute to society. Our self-worth is grown by serving, not by being served.

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Culture of Forgiveness

We live during a time when forgiveness has lost its way into our relationships. A time when someone MUST be right, and someone MUST be wrong. Peace in our culture will never happen until we respect, love, and forgive each other for any number of events of the past. We all make mistakes and forgiveness is the path to allowing us all to live successfully together.

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Culture of Love

As we approach Valentine’s Day the thoughts of friendship, companionship, and fellowship all come to mind. Within each of these relationships is found a level of love. Some at a very intimate level and others at a level of support, understanding, and appreciation for one another. Whatever level you have with those you love, let it not be taken for granted. Remember you can only receive the amount of love you give away first!

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