2023 – Decision Making

Our culture tends to live in 140-character snippets of information and expectations of split-second timing on decision making. Although there is definitely a place for each of these, we need to pause and reflect that not all actions, transactions and relationships are fully captured in these short bursts.

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2023 – Outcome

At the end of time what will our culture be remembered for? The outcome for our society is a large question which most of us never stop and ponder. How can we contribute to a productive society while helping to ensure our culture is worthy of remembering?

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2023 – Execution

Without action all a culture has is wishful thinking. Dreaming is an important part of everyone’s growth and contribution to society. If dreams are never acted upon then it is only time spent in wonder. A culture built on converting dreams into reality can build magnificent results for all involved.

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2023 – Alignment

The saying “when the stars align” reference a time when just the right set of circumstances come into position and the result is greater or more spectacular than expected. Alignment is thus a key component to the ongoing success of a culture. When foundational elements align and remain in alignment then a culture can flourish. If out of alignment, then constant recurrence of challenges distracts a culture from blossoming into its full potential.

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2023 – Focus

If you have ever looked through a camera lens or set of binoculars you will need to adjust the focal point of the object you are narrowing in upon. This intentional effort to bring an object into focus so you can see it clearly is the same aspect of focusing in on your future results. The greater the effort to bring into focus the deliverable the greater the opportunity is to realize it.

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2023 Priority

Our daily lives are filled with an overabundance of things all clamoring for our attention. Some are actually important while many are just another distraction. If our culture allows for the absence of prioritizing the important and the distractions, then the path we travel is likely a roundabout way of potentially getting nowhere.

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When a society cannot genuinely appreciate others success and be happy for them, we are on the path of decay. If one-upmanship and always having to be better than the next person overwhelms everyone’s thoughts, then when can we pause and even see the contribution each of us bring into our culture and reflect on the value it has for all.

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