Culture of Self-worth

In these days of instant gratification, we have drifted away from valuing self-worth at an intrinsic level. A level where we love ourselves not for promotion or getting ahead of others, but because we have value to contribute to society. Our self-worth is grown by serving, not by being served.

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Culture of Forgiveness

We live during a time when forgiveness has lost its way into our relationships. A time when someone MUST be right, and someone MUST be wrong. Peace in our culture will never happen until we respect, love, and forgive each other for any number of events of the past. We all make mistakes and forgiveness is the path to allowing us all to live successfully together.

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Culture of Love

As we approach Valentine’s Day the thoughts of friendship, companionship, and fellowship all come to mind. Within each of these relationships is found a level of love. Some at a very intimate level and others at a level of support, understanding, and appreciation for one another. Whatever level you have with those you love, let it not be taken for granted. Remember you can only receive the amount of love you give away first!

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Culture of Respect

Our Culture in the USA over the past several years has tried to give the concept of respect defined boundaries. By placing limits on what is or is not being respectful has actually divided us and caused more disrespect than creating a world of respecting each other. Unconditional respect for each other goes further and deeper than placing artificial limits on what is or is not respectful.

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Wrapping up January 2024 may present a level of disengagement. You may have given up on your New Year Eve resolutions. You might have fallen away from your goals and objectives. Do not choose to be disengaged. This information tells you that just maybe you had taken the wrong path. It is time to reassess a new and better way to get to your next better destination. Give yourself the privilege to change your direction but learn from both your past and present choices.

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As you deal with the fear, anxiety and overwhelm of the start of the calendar year you may also experience frustration with yourself and others. Allow yourself to be first and foremost available to yourself so that you can shed your frustrations before engaging others. This will keep your relationship supportive while you navigate to a better mindset to tackle all the items tossed in your path.

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The month of January can be a time of overwhelm. The holidays are behind us but a whole new set of demands and expectations descend upon us to ready ourselves for the coming 2024 goals. The breather we had hoped to get during the holiday season was absorbed by all kinds of spur of the moment demands which at the time seemed to make sense but became just another commitment. Step back, take a real breath, and collect yourself so that you can be present in the moment and reposition your mind for the best 2024.

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A week into the New Year and already some have become distracted from their annual resolutions. This diversion can bring anxiety upon them. They deal with another round of the illusion of achieving a new goal without doing the necessary preparation or investment of time to actually achieve it. Fear not as there are 50+ weeks left in 2024. You have the power to recraft your objectives. Make them more than list items but weave purpose and meaning into them so you make the necessary personal commitment to realize your vision.

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A new calendar year can cause many to create such concern that it brings potential fear to the forefront of their mindset. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the repercussions of things not completed. Fear of many things which paralyze a person from engaging or realizing their full ability to contribute to themselves and those around them. If you can, take fear head on and build upon the energy it has and allow yourself to grow to a better mindset in 2024.

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Happy New Year – 2023

As we approach the end of 2023 and enter 2024, we like to craft resolutions about this or that which shortly into the new year get replaced or forgotten. This year resolve to identify just one simple opportunity for yourself to grow and be the best you can be in this world and stay with it the entire year. Make this year’s resolution the one you will never forget.

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