Do you run your company like a bobsled team or skeleton rider?

February 22, 2018

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Do you run your company like a bobsled team or skeleton rider?

The Winter Olympics competition has been ongoing for a couple of weeks now.  Many medals have been won and many athletes achieved their victory while others have fallen from the grasp of glory.

This week I ask you to consider the nature of how you run your company.

In the Winter Olympics, there are a couple of sports which use generally the same course but are approached with very different tools, skills, and attitudes. These sports are the Bobsled (team sport) and Skeleton (single rider).  If you are not familiar with these two activities, basically in Bobsled, a team of either 2 or 4 people pushes a sled into a downward ice-covered track which is maneuvered and the quickest time to the finish line wins. In Skeleton, the same ice-covered track is used but in this event, a single rider hops onto a sled, head first and maneuvers to the finish line.

In the first event – Bobsled, teamwork is essential to the end result and success.  In the second – Skeleton, it is a rider and their sled against the track. Neither of these sports is for the light of heart.  With speeds of 75+ for Skeleton and 90+ for Bobsled, the people involved MUST know what they are doing or it can end in disaster.

With respect to how you run your organization, are you sliding head first with bold determination and broken bones be forgotten about? Or are you finessing a team of highly skilled talents to maneuver your company through the various twists and turns which the marketplace throws at you?

Now that you have your own picture of you running your company, how do your employees feel?  Do they have the same picture you have in your head?

This week take a moment to ask your team members how they view you and your running of the company.  If you have never asked them, you might get some strange looks. They will be cautious about how they may initial answer because it is out of the ordinary for you to inquire about their opinion. If you have previously sought their opinions, then make sure you listen to their thoughts.  It might help you better understand how you are perceived in your company.

You may want to be looked at as the driver of the 4 man Bobsled team but are acting like the Skeleton driver jumping upon their sled and heading headfirst into danger.

It is your business, leading it is very much in your control or maybe not. Let JKL Associates at (313) 527-7945 refine your leadership so not only can you get the thrill of victory but enjoy the ride.

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