Emotionally Intelligent Culture

In a culture where openness and transparency are bantered about like a tennis ball in a match, our culture is awkwardly missing out on the sharing of emotional intelligence. Some hide their emotions as it eats away at their core, while others wear it out on their sleeve not as a means to let it be free but to potentially attract others to their pity party. Being aware of our and other’s emotions and then being able to act in a quality way to use that intelligence for the betterment of the situation and those involved is critical to building long-lasting human relationships.


Interested in knowing more about your Emotional Intelligence?  Reach out to us at YourGuide@PromiseCulture.com for a no cost/no commitment emotional intelligence assessment and discover how you go about life, why you are driven the way you are and to what level are you aware and regulate your emotions for yourself and others.