Emotions in the workplace

August 1, 2019

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Emotions in the workplace

I recently read an article about the process of moving from a mind set of relevance to irrelevance. The information and studies gave some interesting insights about how, when younger we may be driven to success and realize some level of it and then later in life, we lose that “Gift” and because of it we begin to have a mindset of being irrelevant. Although I could agree and relate to many of the items in the article, it also caused me to think about some aspects of age or maybe better framed as maturity have on individuals in the business environment.

As younger talent we strived for accomplishment. Had defined goals and objectives which nothing would stand in the way of achieving them. During this time in our early business years there was no real conversation or acknowledgment of any type of emotion in the workplace. In fact, emotion being displayed or even considered in the workplace might be looked upon as weakness.

Well times have changed and from my perspective it is a very important and good evolution. No matter how intellectually we think we can manage our emotions, they are still there and are still at work. These emotions are working behind the scenes even if we think we are controlling them one way or another. It is like electricity going to a light bulb. When you turn the switch on, the energy flows to the bulb and gives off light. When you turn the switch off, the electricity does not stop behind the switch. It is just blocked from traveling to the bulb. The full power of the energy is still ready to light the bulb. It is just being blocked. This is how many people think they are controlling their emotions from even existing.

We have switches we use to manage the emotions inside of us. The challenge is how aware are we of the switches we have and what do we do with this knowledge to best navigate the use of our found knowledge of emotions? This gets back to my article I read. As younger people, we push forward at what might appear to be reckless abandon to achieve results. Emotions would just get in our way, so they were either directly or indirectly pushed aside. As we matured, our experiences – both wins and losses, hopefully taught us lessons. This additional found knowledge is what those of us gaining in age brings to the workplace. We may begin to feel a level of irrelevance as it pertains to the technical or intellectual aspects of the business, but our multicolored history brings an overwhelming value of acknowledging, understanding, and appreciating emotions and the profound effect they have on the success of any venture.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will look deeper at this arena of emotions or as it sometimes gets referred to “Emotional Intelligence.”  The question you need to ask yourself is – do I understand what my emotional intelligence is? What level or amount do I acknowledge and then what or how do I then manage that understanding to bring value to myself, the business, my co-workers etc.

If you are anything like me, the above question basically stopped you in your tracks and you said – I have no idea. We have a solution for you. As part of raising the knowledge and understanding level on this topic, we are offering to you a complimentary (no charge/no commitment) trial copy of a report to assist you in your review of your behaviors, driving forces and emotions and how you go about navigating their use.   To get access to the questionnaire to gather insights from you, simply email YourGuide@PromiseCulture.com and make a simple request for the Emotional Intelligence – TriMetrix EQ Assessment. Upon receipt of your request, you will be emailed an access code to complete the questionnaire. After your submittal of the response, we will craft your resulting report and email it back to you.

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