Identifying what needs your next attention

April 23, 2020

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Identifying what needs your next attention

This coming Tuesday – April 28, a good colleague of mine, Mike Michalowicz is releasing a new book titled “Fix This Next.”  You can grab a copy from your local book store or better yet to practice social distancing order it on line below through commissioned ads.  Mike is a great down to earth small business guy who has been on the highest of successes and the lowest of failure in business.  He takes his range of experiences and brings them to life to support his mission of eradicating entrepreneur and small business poverty.  What is meant by that is that way too many small businesses and entrepreneurs operate without good fundamentals to have a bountiful business which is an asset and not just a job. His prior writing includes “Toilet Paper Entrepreneur,” “Pumpkin Plan” and one of my all time favorites is “Profit First.”

This latest book “Fix This Next” is not a solutions book.  No, it is far more important than a “How to” book. Many of his other books provide those types of insights. This book provides the framework – a recurring process and structure so that you are not wasting precious time and dollars on what your gut thinks you should be doing. It moves you to what you actually need to be focused on to enhance your business so that it works for you and not you for it.

Mike transfers the understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy into a Business Hierarchy which walks you through a series of reiterative questions.  Each series of questions digging deeper into your present situation so that you look at your real needs through a clearer lens.  As you dig deeper, you may find that you don’t really have the necessary details and data to make an informed decision.  This is where too many business owners step off the cliff to trusting their gut and not take the time to capture the real numbers to base decisions on.

As a Certified Business Advisor member, Your Promise Guide – Larry Klimek brings his 40+ years of small business expertise into the discovery framework outline in “Fix This Next” so that the resulting focus can propagate what solutions need to be deployed. This allows your business to rise to it’s next higher level of results.

Are you ready to “Fix This Next?” Your Promise Guide at JKL Associates is ready to engage you at what ever level you are at and help you rise to a higher level of success. Give us a call at (313) 527-7945 in Michigan or (407) 984-7246 in Florida.

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