In Chaos there is opportunity

July 9, 2020

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In Chaos there is opportunity

There is no question about it, the last few months have been filled with all kinds of various chaos.  From COVID-19 virous concerns, to shutting down the economy, to the social unrest.  Call it finding the silver lining in the dark clouds of chaos, but there is real opportunity on many levels.

Take the COVID-19 economic shutdown, this gave almost all businesses a restart button to press on their businesses.  It leveled the playing field.  The mistakes of the past could be re-evaluated and changes made so that when reopening up for business you could take full advantage of a new reinvented platform to build upon.

If we look at the actual dynamics of the virus, we saw thousands of commercial businesses come forward to work together in support of solutions.  Companies which were traditionally competitors were working side by side sharing data to effect a more positive outcome for resolution.

The social unrest is also a solid opportunity to rethink some of the past practices and upgrade them so that our entire society and humankind can more adaptively commune together moving forward.

Each of these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of positive changes which can come out of what originally was chaos but will become meaningful enlightenment for positive growth.

This week as you look at your business, your team, your community give some time to stop and think about what can still be done to upgrade coming out of this pivot in time. In a typically hectic paced business and social world this pause and silence is a unique opportunity to rethink, reinvent and reposition your business, your team, your results and contribute in ways not previously considered to be possible. Engage your people to be creative thinkers.  What ideas might they have to reshape the future in a constructive way. Be open minded to new ideas which might at first glance be too far out of alignment.

Just 90 to 120 days ago, if you would have thought your business could run via working at home resources you might have dismissed the idea as preposterous.  When forced to do it and putting some good old ingenuity to work, it has now turned into a real possibility for future workforces to be remote for portions of their business week.

Jumping back a couple weeks to the insights on launching manned spacecrafts again from US soil, everyone dismissed that generally commercially available parts could be used to more economically deliver cargo and people into space could be achieved.  It happened and right in the middle of a world wide shutdown.

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